Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Fracking Debate to Take Place in Bath

With many people concerned about the impact that proposals for fracking in Keynsham and the Mendips will have on the hot springs of Bath, as well as the safety of our drinking water and the natural environmental, it is about time that the facts were laid bare in front of the public before anything happens.

Bath People's Assembly plan to do just that on 14th March, with a debate between UK Methane, the company who plan to do the fracking, and anti-frackers Frack Free Somerset, who have been campaigning against it. It's at 7.30-9pm in the Friends' Meeting House, near the Abbey. Tell everyone who might be affected to get on down there!

Let's just hope that people have their facts right and that this issue gets the full scrutiny it deserves. If the fracking goes wrong, I can't see it being an easy thing to fix. And I'd rather not have to worry about earth tremors like they had in Lancashire. If there's an issue then it shouldn't go ahead. Find out more at the debate.

There's more info in the Bath Chronicle, complete with quotes from the debaters: http://www.thisisbath.co.uk/Meeting-Bath-debate-fracking-UK-Methane-waits/story-18323821-detail/story.html

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