Friday, 2 May 2014

Bath Man Attempts to Press Charges Against Tory Ministers

Keith Ordinary Guy and supporters outside Bath police station
At 2pm today, local man Keith Ordinary Guy, who writes a letter a day to David Cameron, and an army of supporters went to Bath police station to attempt to press charges against Iain Duncan Smith and Lord Freud for breaching the Human Rights Act over the Claimant Commitment Contract.

Supporters came from as far afield as London and Cornwall. One supporter commented "I believe that slavery should not be back on the statute books. Nothing is voluntary, it's all enforced - workfare, zero hours contracts. Non compliance means no food."

Keith first spoke to the police officer on the desk. He told her:

"As a citizen, you are the only people I can come to."

"I am horrified."

"Between 2011 and 2012, 10,600 people died after being found unfit for work by Atos. Our government is doing this to us. You are the only portal of access and we need help."

"The Claimant Commitment Contract is just the latest phase and it's just horrific. I'm not a demonstrative man, I just want justice."

The police officer then went to get the Inspector. Keith commented "I think the policewoman on the desk was nearly in tears. I feel that I was taken seriously."

Keith Ordinary Guy in Bath
police station attempting to press charges
against Iain Duncan Smith and Lord Freud
When the Inspector arrived, Keith told him:

"If you refuse to sign the contract, you have no access to benefits in Britain. It's forced labour."

The Inspector replied:

"If it's been brought into a statute, it's not something I can deal with. The people who brought it in would have looked at the Human Rights Act. You would need to take it up with a solicitor."

Keith responded:

"Between 2011 and 2012, 10,600 people died. They've refused to release figures since then. I've tried to bring charges of manslaughter against them and I think that still stands."

The Inspector replied:

"My job is to enforce the law as it stands."

After the leaving the police station, Keith was upbeat. He told us:

"It went really well because it has given me an insight into the situation that we're actually in. It's our opinion that what they are doing is inhuman, but what they did is put the laws onto the statute book."

"The next step is to see if there's a solicitor that can take on the legal challenge. Crowd sourcing for legal funds may be the next move."

"Ordinary people need money to get access to justice - they've scrapped Legal Aid. Unfortunately the law only works for the rich."

"I will try to raise a legal challenge."

"So many people are dying. A million people are using foodbanks and the government are saying that they've got nothing to do with it."

Supporters then joined Keith for a coffee. From the discussion afterwards it was decided that they would form a people's army - called "The Shoestring Army", as those involved are living on a shoestring. The domain name was then immediately registered.

This is Day 1 of a new fight back for the lives of ordinary people. Stay posted - The Shoestring Army is only going to grow.

Keith's website, where he publishes his letters can be found here: