For thousands of years, standing stones have stood up against everything that could have brought them down. Standing Stone's Blog is a concept taking inspiration from these stones - it will stand up for people and planet, and stand against anything that threatens them.

Standing Stone's Blog reports from the front line on radical activism within the Bath/Bristol area, from Occupy camps to workfare demos and anti-fascist protests, activist fairs to arms fairs, and provides a platform for local activists to express their point of view.

Standing Stone's Blog does not condone fascism, racism, wars or unnecessary violence. Standing Stone's Blog stands in solidarity with the environmental movement and with those opposed to the actions of the banks and governments responsible for the current economic crisis, and is dedicated to promoting solutions and alternatives.

Except where stated, all content, views and opinions are those of the pictured stone and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of any person, living or dead.

Standing Stone's Blog frequently posts guest blogs from other activists in the area. Many actions and points of view go unreported by the mainstream press, and this blog exists to get the word out. If you would like to contribute a report on a demonstration/protest, an opinion piece or add to the Political Perspectives series, please get in touch at:

standingstonesblog [at] hotmail.co.uk