Monday, 4 May 2015

David Cameron Met by Angry Protesters in Bath

David Cameron arrives in Bath (Photo by Rabban)
David Cameron arrived in Bath this afternoon to deliver a speech to an audience largely shipped in from other parts of the country, with supporters coming from places as far off as Worcestershire and Hampshire to make up the numbers. Acting on an anonymous tip-off received late on Sunday night, protesters assembled outside Hayesfield Upper School at around 2pm on Sunday 4th May 2015 to make the prime-minister know he wasn't welcome in Bath.

Despite having only a few hours to organise in the morning, around 40 demonstrators turned out with placards and a megaphone. Groups present included Bath Students Against Fees and Cuts, Bristol Anarchist Federation, Green Party, Infiltration Party, Bath Against Cuts, Bath Against the Badger Cull, 38 Degrees and the Labour Party.

Protesters outside David Cameron's speech
At around 2.45pm, a large Conservative bus arrived outside the venue with David Cameron's team. The soon-to-be ex-prime-minister turned up in a blacked out vehicle moments later, and was met with shouting and an egg, which narrowly missed him - although it is likely it splashed his shoes and trousers. The Guardian has since reported that it was the first egg of the campaign.

We caught up with the egg-thrower after the demonstration, who did not wish to be named. They told us "Throwing an egg at the prime-minister is relatively harmless compared to the damage he's doing to the country".

                                          Video of the David Cameron Protest

Protester Reiss McGuinness commented "David Cameron did not come to greet us, as to be expected".

David Cameron was seen leaving via the back entrance, probably because he did not want to face the people who have been negatively affected by his tenure as prime-minister.

Campaigners noted that the Conservative bus was left running with the engine on for the entirety of Mr Cameron's speech, which is at odds with their claim to be the "greenest government ever". Many attendees arrived in cars and in taxis with only one passenger. The bus was also parked on yellow zig-zags. The police were informed but did not move the bus on.

Video of the egg being thrown here

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