Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Bath FreeShop

Bath FreeShop
Over the last 8 years, Bath FreeShop has become a regular monthly feature in the city. While almost all Bath retail outlets spend Saturdays trying to take in as much money as possible, complete with special offers and "buy one get one free" deals, the FreeShop sits in contrast, just simply giving their goods away - for free.

The FreeShop started in November 2005, and was set up to coincide with Buy Nothing Day, and can be found under the pillars in front of Bath Abbey every second Saturday of the month between 12:30 and 15:30.

Put on by an anarchist spirit of mutual aid, the FreeShop exists partly to be a bastion of community spirit and sharing in the heart of the commercial town centre, partly to take back some space for non-financial purposes and partly to create awareness of waste issues and avoid things going unnecessarily to landfill.

They accept donations from the public, although they won't accept particularly large things due to transport, and do prefer items to be in good condition. Although the stock at the FreeShop varies from month to month, items often include things like clothes (women's and men's), books, videos, plates, hats, bags, shoes, games and sometimes some more unusual items.

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