Tuesday, 5 March 2013

EDF to sue Bristol Resident for £5m

Just in from Bristol Rising Tide...

A Bristol resident is being sued for £5million by energy giant EDF for his part in a week long occupation that shut down the company's newest gas fire power station in October of last year. He, along with 20 others, were protesting against the government's plans for up to 40 new gas power stations, as part of the campaign group No Dash for Gas.

There is to be a public talk at Hamilton House on Tuesday 12th March 7.30-9 pm where Daniel Quiggin, the Bristol resident being sued by EDF will discuss with others the implications on the right the protest and how the lawsuit is affecting him. The discussion will involve campaigners from various energy groups from around Bristol and Somerset. The move by Government and the Big Six Energy Companies towards extreme energy can be succesfully challenged if we act collectively, this lawsuit affects all of our attempts to speak out against those with the power!

See this video from Naomi Klein: "I am no dash for gas!" www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRvSjaz5PWg

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