Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Protestival - A Protest Festival. This Saturday, Victoria Park

Protestival - a protest festival - will be happening in Victoria Park this Saturday, with acoustic music and radical politics.
Organisers describe the event as "A day long festival that brings together activism and music! We will create a beautiful hub of activism-spreading and good musical vibes in Victoria Park on Saturday 6th June (this weekend)."

"The aim is to bring together the people of Bath, to share knowledge, listen to music, network, and have fun!
Please bring some food, a few drinks, maybe a blanket, and everyone you know!!!"

"Families more than welcome!"

"We'll be having quite a few folk musicians down, a fair bit of spoken word (some people coming all the way from Brighton to be there, just sayin'), some poetry, and an inspirational speech or two. Not to mention some live art, juggling lessons, yoga, meditation (hugging and laughing), frisbee, and of course members of various activist groups from around the local area to mill about spreading the word of what they're doing, and how you can help. It's also been suggested that we do a clothes swap table there, too, so we can share and swap our clothes, as well as our knowledge!"

With the sun set to shine on Saturday and growing disillusionment with politics as usual and a government hell-bent on destroying everything British people have fought for over the the centuries, we're sure this will be a great event.

Facebook event page here:

Groups attending in some capacity include Bath Students Against Fees and Cuts, Bath Against Cuts, Bristol A-Fed and Unite in the Community. Various local folk musicians and local groups will be playing acoustic music.

We'll post further details as they come in.

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