Saturday, 13 October 2012

Badger Cull - Walk on the Forthampton Estate, Gloucestershire

The following is re-posted from Stop the Cull...

This Sunday we call all of you who care about badgers to put on your waterproofs, grab your maps and head to the Forthampton Estate. 3,000 acres all signed up and paid for the badger cull.

3,000 acres is over 4 square miles, which is approximately 3% of the badger cull zone.

The Yorke family who own the estate run a massive shooting business, they offer the killing of pheasant, duck and partridges for entertainment to syndicates and corporations. It is also a very popular bit of land for the Ledbury hunt to go killing foxes on, so for hunt sabs it is going to be particularly important.

We already have confirmation of nearly 100 hunt sabs coming this Sunday, any shooting going on will be stopped immediately by us.

If you would like to get involved with something a little less confrontational this Sunday we ask you to walk the PUBLIC foothpaths that criss cross this estate and make a note of any pheasant pens or partridge enclosures or anything else that is suspect.

Book mark this page and check it Saturday evening, we will put up more details as we have them. For now it is up to you to start doing what you can to make arrangements.

Consider this a pre-emptive strike.

Forthampton Shoot Website:

 Map of the estate here:

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