Monday, 1 April 2013

Bath Lib Dems are April Fools

On the one day where practical jokes are a socially acceptable norm, Occupy Bath played a small prank on the local Liberal Democrats, with hilarious consequences. Around 11am this morning, Occupy Bath put out a message on Facebook and Twitter - "WE'RE OCCUPYING DON FOSTER'S OFFICE (31 James Street West)!!! COME FIND US!", a blatant April Fool's prank if I ever saw one. If our local backstabbing MP's office isn't secure enough to keep out the 99%, then he really is even more of an imbecile than many of us thought.

But it appears that the local Lib Dems are even more gullible than predicted. Rather than using his brain and realising what date it was, Lib Dem Councillor Tim Ball fell for the prank and went down to Don's office to see if anyone was about. Only after this did he acknowledge that it was probably an April Fool's joke (although due to his grammar it appears that he may still be unsure...) - "just been there no one in sight is this another April fool joke". Someone buy this man a calendar next Christmas.

While no-one from Occupy Bath has yet owned up to posting the message, when asked about the incident a former resident of the Queen Square and the Royal Crescent occupations said "Just councillor Tim Ball being gullible and probably not amused. He should have expected us". Another occupier said "Gutted for him... I read also Paul Wiltshire seemed interested in the occupation, thanking Tim Ball for his 'on the spot report' - a sign that the Chron would've shortly been out to find us also, maybe?". This is yet another example of the Lib Dems proving themselves to be a fucking joke and a bunch of fools, locally and nationally. Nevermind, they'll be finished by the next election.

This isn't the first time that Occupy Bath have had dealings with Don Foster. He came to the old camp in Queen Square once, when he was supposed to have been elsewhere at a meeting regarding the NHS cuts (but presumably didn't want to show his face), and instead got a mouthful from a university lecturer over his voting record on various wars. Dirty Don then stated (and I heard this with my own ears) "I have no objections to this camp!" and promptly left for a "sports meeting".

Don Foster at Occupy Bath

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