Friday, 4 January 2013

Candle-lit Vigil Outside Edinburgh Woollen Mill, Bath, calling for Justice for Factory Fire Victims in Bangladesh

Candle-lit, Edinburgh Woollen Mill, Bath 19 December 2012
On 24 November 2012, a fire swept through the Tazreen factory in Bangladesh, leaving at least 120 workers dead and injuring 150 more. The factory, which produces clothes for Edinburgh Woollen Mill amongst other companies, did not have a valid safety certificate. Due to showing indifference to the tragedy and refusing to take responsibility for their role in the disaster, Labour Behind the Label organised three candle-lit vigils, in Bath, Edinburgh and Stamford.

Around 10 people turned up to the Bath demo on 19th December 2012, including members of Labour Behind the Label, BARF and Occupy Bath, braving the cold (and the wind, which kept blowing out the candles). As well as the physical presence, literature was distributed and demonstrators spoke to many members of the public that stopped to talk.

Labour Behind the Label's write-up of the three demos can be found here:

You can send a letter to the companies that have dealings with the factory, demanding justice for victims of the fire, here:

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