Saturday, 13 October 2012

Live Music Reviews

The Bath Chronicle is no longer reviewing theatre, music or any other performance art from any venue except for the Theatre Royal (see my previous blog post for more info), and let's face it, their reviews were always rubbish anyway. As of now, Standing Stone's Blog will be helping to fill the gap with live music reviews. As time and money is limited, not every gig can be attended, and those reviewed will largely be artists that fall within the taste of the author of this blog - however if you attended a gig in Bath that you feel deserves a review, please feel free to get in touch and contribute - guest posts on this blog are encouraged (as long as you are not the artist in question, of course)!

With no journalistic training and at the start of this project having never written a music review ever, the quality may not be great, but at least someone's doing it.

This will not affect the usual reporting on activism and opinion pieces - these will continue as usual, posted whenever anything noteworthy happens round these parts.

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