Friday, 25 November 2011

Occupy Bath to make important announcement following the trade union march

Occupy Bath have issued the following press release:
"Occupy Bath will make an important announcement at the Queen's Square camp at 4.30pm on Wednesday 30th November, following the trade union march in Bath. We support the march and some of the camp will join in solidarity with the marchers. We invite the trade union members and all other members of the public to come to the camp for the announcement. Following the announcement we will have speakers and we want to explore common ground with the marchers on the issues that are affecting us all.

Last weekend, delegates from Occupy Bath attended the UK and Ireland Occupy Conference in London, meeting with delegates from over 20 other occupations, sharing ideas and inspiration. The Occupy Movement in the UK and Ireland is now well-connected and organised."
The details of the announcement will not be publicly announced until then, but will be of particular interest to supporters of the Occupy Movement, residents of Bath and those concerned with economic injustice and the current state of politics in the UK. The announcement is not aimed specifically at the trade unionists, but concerns them also. Come along at 4.30pm on November 30th or check the facebook page for further details following the announcement. Standing Stone's Blog will also be covering the announcement, with comment about what it might entail for the people of Bath and the aims of the Occupy Movement. The Bath Chronicle printed part of the press release, omitting the details about the Occupy conference, and are still stating that the Occupy Movement is "anti-capitalist" (which does not apply to everyone involved), rather than "pro-economic fairness", which I consider to be a more accurate term:

Also, one of our number went on Question Time last night armed with questions about the Occupy Movement. Unfortunately she was not selected to ask a question, but two people who have been to the camp put similar questions to the panel.

And finally, there has been a lot of talk lately about why the new constitution in Iceland has not been in the news. Some have commented that the new constitution has many similarities to aspects of the Occupy Movement, such as a more direct version of democracy.

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