Monday, 8 October 2012

South West Food Not Bombs - Meeting on 26th October

Food Not Bombs - an international peace movement that collects food destined for the bin, cooks it and supplies it to those in need, protest movements, events and anyone else - is the latest addition to the growing number of charities, activist and campaign groups operating in Bath.

With an ambition to eventually set up a network throughout the south west, the group recently held a start-up meeting and has an increasing number of followers on Facebook. Now that initial hurdles are being overcome, they are in a position to start organising things and have called a meeting for Friday 26th October at St James Wine /vaults (upstairs), Bath at 7.30pm to discuss the next step and to generate ideas. With several passionate people behind it and many more expressing keen interest, the group has got off to a promising start and ideas are already being put forward for events.

More information on their website

The Facebook page is here:
Meeting event page here (check here for latest news and any alterations to venue etc.):

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