Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Bath Foodcycle Presents: Soulfood - Review

Last Friday (20 October), Bath Foodcycle put on a fundraising night consisting of a three-course meal for 34 people and a night of bluegrass music attending by around 100 people, raising £918 for the cause. Bath Foodcycle is part of a volunteer-run national movement that takes surplus and waste food from supermarkets and other food retailers than would otherwise be destined for landfill, and uses it to cook food for people who do not have access to healthy foods.

All food was vegetarian with vegan options. The starter was a delicious red lentil and red pepper dip with potato wedges. The main course was 'soul stew' with pumpkin and kidney beans and a spiced rice, with enough for a much-welcomed second helping. Dessert was a yoghurt bread pudding (vegetarian) or fruit crumble (vegan).All who sat on my table enjoyed their meal immensely, and were pleasantly surprised at how good a meal made from waste food could be. Gin with iced tea complemented the meal perfectly, and some went back for a few more of these.

The music was provided by the Gollywhoppers, Big Green Uncle, Slapface and the Hoagies, Bryan Chalker & Out of the Brew and Swamp Donkey. All provided excellent entertainment, however regrettably I was only able to review Big Green Uncle from the night.

Big Green Uncle

Adam Timmins, Steve Hatch and Matthew J Young from Big Green Uncle really look the part. You can imagine these guys hanging out on the edge of a ranch in the mid-west, railroad running past, empty whiskey bottle on the floor, areefer being passed round and animals running around at their feet while they strum. A really tight-sounding band who evidently love their bluegrass. Although their set consisted of covers, they played them vibrantly and with soul, with song topics ranging from trains, chickens and getting drunk and stoned, the latter involving the audience shouting "to get high!" during the chorus. And high they were, in the audience appreciation stakes. A fun band with who despite their apparent love and dedication to the genre, don't take themselves too seriously and a real pleasure to watch, and the performance never once stumbled or got boring. The most surprising thing about Big Green Uncle is that this was their very first gig and that  formed specifically for the Soulfood event. Since this gig they have decided to continue as a band and already have more gigs organised. For something a little different, fun and enjoyable, catch these guys next time they play!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BigGreenUncle

Phoebe Kitcher, one of the Foodcycle staff, said "The event was a huge success, and we're very grateful to all involved. Can't wait for the next one!" Bath Foodcycle is going to be cooking for three weeks in St Mary's Church on Julian Road, Bath in November (dates to be confirmed) and will be providing cheap meals. Following this, they will be putting on the Bath Bake-Off in December. Keep up to date with Bath Foodcycle on the links below, and if you want to sign up or find out more about becoming a volunteer, visit the national website http://foodcycle.org.uk/.

Bath Foodcycle Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bathfoodcycle
Bath Foodcycle Website: http://bathfoodcycle.wordpress.com/

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