Saturday, 17 March 2012

Occupy Bath - Links, News and Resources

Here are all the links I know of relating to Occupy Bath - it's incredible how much has been written about our small camp! Hopefully this will be of general interest to those at Occupy Bath and the rest of the Occupy Movement, and also to researchers and those who want to find out more about us.

I'll update this as more comes to light and as Occupy Bath progresses (it's not over yet, keep an eye on our Facebook page for more news, coming shortly). When I get chance, I'll scan in a few other bits and pieces. If there's anything missing, leave a comment below or e-mail

Note: Last updated 26/4/12

News Articles

Bath Chronicle (News)
Bath Chronicle (Letters)
Bath Impact
Breeze (Bath)
Indymedia (Bristol)
Indymedia (UK)
Morning Star

Now Bath
Western Daily Press
Blogs etc.

Bath Lib Dems
Head Heritage/U-Know
Hynd's Blog
Move Your Money UK

Nicole A Murray
Occupy Bath
Occupy Bath Queens Square Web Blog
Occupy South West
Open University/Open Learn
Standing Stone's Blog
Stories from Bath
The Shittro
Ursula writes

Occupy Bath

NEW Move Your Money Bath
Paul Skinner's Videos

Occupy Bath #1 (Interview, 1/11/11):

Occupy Bath #2 (Interview, 3/11/11):


Occupy Bath #4 (Music Day, 13/11/11):

Occupy Bath #5 (Public Debate, 19/11/11):

Occupy Bath #6 (Packing up camp, 10/12/11):

Other Videos

Anonymous and Occupy Bath 'invade' Bath Xmas Lights (note that no-one from the camp was involved in this):


Kilgore661 Gigapan (27/11/11):
Kilgore661 Gigapan II (28/11/11):

Taff's Photos:

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